Sunday, November 16, 2008

Virtual Stamp Weekend Continues

Done with the Virtual Stamp Weekend. Now I have a total of 10 cards to use. I didn't have time for several challenges. I couldn't figure out the step-by-step instructions on one challenge. In any case, I USED tools I already had. However, I also discovered I was out of tape, so used a lot of glue. The glue was semidried out, but good enough for use, so even that got used.

I really love this liquid glue glitter. I wonder how it holds up inside vinyl pages. In other words, can I use it for scrapbooking? I'll have to check. The corrogated paper was also great and will definitely work in my scrapbooks.

Here are the remaining cards. Challenges included Floral Pink, Embossed Cameo, Something that Laces, and Falling Snow. All in all, I completed 9 of the 16 challenges for this weekend. Hope to be better organized next time to do more!
Pink floral Thank YouCameo Holiday Card

Congratulations CardSnow Fall
This last card is a shaker box. If you shake it, the sprinkles inside shake around. I hope to have a better photo when the sun returns. I like shaker cards and will have to make more of these. Now I have a reason to buy beads and sparklies!
Halloween Shaker box

I also did this card for a different challenge featuring a corner punch.
Thank You Card

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