Friday, November 14, 2008

Virtual Stamp Night

Tonight I'm participating in a 2 day Virtual Stamp Night at So far, 6 challenges, I've done 4. I had to skip one just because I could not think of a darn thing to make. I'm not sure what photo service to use to store my cards, so for now, it's Webshots. To see a larger card, just click on the photos.

This challenge asked you to make a card based on the cover art of the album of your favorite rock star. In high school, Alice Cooper was my favorite and "Welcome To My Nightmare" was so good, I STILL remember most of the words to the songs and I don't think I've heard it in 20 years. The card is paperpieced and stamped with snowflakes. In the snowflakes, I used Crystal Stickles which makes them all sparkle.
Snowman Sparkly
This challenge required that you use 3 copies of the same stamp. Finally used my Hero Thanksgiving set (bought 6 years ago!). I also used some dimensional flowers.
Thanksgiving Card
This challenge required that you make a feature removable. My wimpy interpretation, but it works. The invitation part is removable to change dates or make into a Thank you.
Holiday Invitation
Finally, this challenge requires that you use the Spotlight Technique. I only have a couple of stamps that work for this.
Winter Solstice

Tomorrow, there will be more challenges and I don't expect that I can do them all, but maybe half. Half the battle is figuring out a card that I can USE later.

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